Dubrovnik – Croatia
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Maja & Miho contacted me a few weeks before going to another Dubrovnik wedding. Maja was super excited about the idea of doing this session.

When someone values photography in this way, it is impossible not have time for them.

We spent a lot of time planning. They proposed places for photos, clothes, accessories …

In the end we decided that the important thing here was them. We went to a small village next to Dubrovnik called Cavtat.

Maja & Miho take care of every detail, in addition to planning this perfect session, they made us feel at home in Dubrovnik. We had dinner together, they told us a thousand amazing stories of Dubrovnik and we were lucky enough to get to know each other better.
Thank you Maja & Miho for sharing these moments. Thank you for allowing me to tell your story.

Xavi Baeli | Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer