Yamanaka Lake | Mt. Fuji

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Zaya and Temo born in Mongolia, but they met in Tokyo, where they live.

They are very happy and pranksters people, we had a great day with them. From Tokyo we took a car to Yamanaka Lake. Temo was the driver of the trip and Zaya took care of the music (DJ Zaya hahaha);).

We wanted to see Mount Fuji reflected on the lake, but to get there we found that the clouds blocked the mountain. It was a shame, but still found majestic and imposing figure of this great volcano.

At the lake there were giant fish, I had never seen anything like this in Europe, but it seems that are common in Japan.

When you think about Japan, typically it comes to head the bustling city of Tokyo, technology and traditional temples. But on the road we are surrounded by wonderful forests and wild nature. Beautiful nature.

We loved sharing this beautiful day with Zaya and Temo. When we finished the photo shoot, they took us to eat the best ramen we’ve ever tasted.

Thanks to Zaya and Temo for letting me tell your story.

Xavi Baeli | Mt Fuji Wedding Photographer