“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”     Buddha.
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Hi, my name is Xavi, I live halfway between Barcelona, Madrid and Murcia.
It was during my early childhood days that I discovered photography as a means which has the capacity to reflect a hidden part of reality that I not always was able to see. Having a camera between my eye and the rest of the world made me feel who I really was more than anything else did. Such a feeling made me feel lost and confused in the beginning; nonetheless, a fascination started to grow inside of me.
During my early days as a photographer, I refused to work with people, the reason was precisely this fear of seeing beyond. I decided to practice a kind of photography that was very close to meditation. I would enter a place trying to find the spirit of it, sometimes a spirit of beauty, sometimes a deeply touching spirit, sad and forgotten in another times… each place held something magical awaiting me.
Road over the rainbowRoad over the rainbow
I spent many years of my life travelling, in search of those places whose soul may touch me, deeply, filling me with its emotions, I left the work with the people aside, because I found out that inside each person’s soul I would find the souls of each and every place in the world, that’s what I had experienced so many times. During one of my trips to Nepal serving as a volunteer for two orphanages in Kathmandu, I made an important discovery, I could see that in every picture I made of the children their feelings were reflected, how they felt about the place they were, how they felt about me and their partners and co-disciples, etc. I realized that those things that really matter are just a few, very few, contrary to what we use to think, and that happiness is much simpler than we have been told. I decided, then, I wanted to tell stories.
After this period of my life, I began photographing people whose souls were in self-discovery, eager of knowing more of themselves, sharing my own situation. Soon, I realized that telling the story that links two persons is one of the most beautiful things to work with in my life.
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Then, following this path, I discovered the most powerful means for knowing things is through love. Here I discovered how to capture the love that is present everywhere, and it is thanks to the path of love I am finally here, for every step I took was through love, thanks to my desire of photographing persons who share a unique love in their lives. I look far beyond the conventional image, never looking for the fairy tale, but for real love.
My photographs are far away from the commercial and traditional point of views, or from what the majority of people understands about how a wedding photograph should be. I deeply enjoy capturing feelings, never request people to pose for me, I simply capture what’s happening between you and your partner. It is only you both and your love story. I firmly believe there are more and more couples with the capacity to give value to a moment, a beautiful memory that offers a more artistic feature and so, as time goes by, those details, those special situations and emotions that could have been lost forever, shall remain and come to life every time they take a look at the thousands of pictures I use to deliver.
I must say, it is vital having a pre-wedding time. I’ve seen the final result of the big day captured in the pictures changing dramatically thanks to just one pre-photography session; there you will get to know me much better as I’ll get to know you two closer, I will learn about your body language, your gestures, the way you look at each other, the way you simply look at things, at your surroundings… and also the important fact that you yourselves have seen how you look in the pictures will grant a more comfortable moment for your great unique day.
Telling the complete story implies giving you a huge number of photographs. I use to deliver more than 700 photographs, all of them having been processed in black and white. Also I add some 200 photographs from the pre-photography session. The best way for you to get a good idea of how I work is by visualizing the following video:
And this is just a little example of how I tell your great story this day, from the beginning to the end.
If you allow me, I can also give you many tips and useful advices for your wedding day, there are just so many things both bride and broom use to repeatedly and candidly complaint about: “Oh, how I wish I had done this differently”, so my mission is helping all I can, putting my complete experience at your service, so on this day everything will be at its best.
I will deliver all the work rapidly online, normally in a time-frame of a week. Once the wedding is over I immediately put hands at work intensely, so you will receive your precious memories as I promise. If your wedding location is set outside of Murcia or Barcelona, then I will need you to cover my transport costs; and if we were to spend more than one day at your location I will request you to cover the costs for my accommodation.
I put all of my energies and my loving into capturing your story, I will cover every emotion around it. It will be a complete pleasure to share such special and unique moments with all of you.
For anything you wish to ask never hesitate in emailing me please, a big hug to you!
Sincerely, thanks for having spent some of your time into getting to know more about me. I wish you true everlasting happiness.