Shakhnoza & Uwe

Odaiba | Tokyo

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Shakhnoza and Uwe are one of this wonderful couples who lives in Tokyo. She is from Uzbekistan and he is from Germany. I love the diversity of Tokyo. She is a wonderful singer who sing in a great band called «Sushi in da house» and I love this music.

They came to Tokyo to work, they met and fell in love in this crazy city. They had decided to marry in Japan, this day came all the papers to get married, they sign everything, Uwe had to go to work and this afternoon we make this photo session. That’s life in Tokyo, important business can not wait. It can be an atypical wedding day, sign papers, work and photoshoot, but every story in this city is different and atypical.

The truth is that we spend a great time with this couple. They are super fun, cheerful and pranksters. Odaiba is an amazing place, an artificial island near to Tokyo. The sun sets over the skyline of the city and is reflected in the sea. It was a pleasure to meet Shakhnoza & Uwe and to tell his story on the day of his great Atypical Wedding.

Thank you Shakhnoza & Uwe

Xavi Baeli | Tokyo Wedding Photographer